Please note there are significant shipping delays due to COVID-19. See FAQ for shipping estimates.


How can I contact the store owner?

Please email me at This email address is only for inquiries about orders, not for other questions or business inquiries.

How much does shipping cost?

Shipping is calculated at checkout. It depends on the final weight of your package and the destination country. You can see the shipping total during checkout before finalizing your order. This cost does not include any customs or duty fees your country may charge. 

When will my order ship out?

All items marked as pre-orders can take up to two weeks to package. If you order within the first hour of the store launching, there is a good chance your order will be on its way within one week, but there are no guarantees. For the advent calendars, they will be shipped out within one week of ordering.

How long does shipping take?

Once your order is in the mail, you should receive your package within these times:

Canada: up to 1 month

USA: up to 1 month

International: up to 3 months

These are estimates, not guaranteed times. Due to COVID-19, these estimates are longer than usual since many packages are being delayed. Please wait until the times above have passed before inquiring about a missing package.

Can I track my order?

If there is tracking available for your order, the tracking information will be included in your shipping confirmation email. Orders shipped within Canada do not have tracking since they are sent as lettermail to reduce shipping costs. All orders to the USA have a USPS tracking number. International orders may have tracking, depending on the destination. Some countries have full tracking, some have limited tracking, and some have none. For the advent calendars, all orders should have tracking, which is included in the shipping confirmation email.

What if there is a problem with my order?

If I sent you the wrong item, the item arrived damaged, or there is another issue, please email me at and I will get a replacement sent out to you. Alternatively, you can get a refund, if you prefer. If the item fails to arrive a second time, I will simply refund the order. I will not send a package out a third time. For the advent calendars, packages marked as delivered will not be refunded or replaced. 

Can I combine orders?

I do not offer this option since Shopify does not have this feature. If you need to add another item to your order, you will have to cancel the first order and place a new one. Otherwise you will have two separate orders that will be shipped separately. 

An item I want is sold out. Is there any way to pre-order it for next time?

No, you will have to wait until the next store update, if that item is being made available again. I do have to discontinue older items as they lose popularity.

What do the enamel pin grades mean?

Enamel pins are filled and buffed by hand, which leaves room for error in the manufacturing process. I've sorted my pins into three categories, with A grade having the fewest defects, and C grade having the most noticeable defects. Examples of defects are dust, scratches, discolored metal, misplaced glitter, missing enamel, etc. The back of the pin is not factored into the grading process since it is not visible. If you want the nicest pin possible, select A grade. If you don't mind more noticeable defects and want a cheaper price, select B or C grade. Also please note that occasionally pins have wobbly posts on the back. These will not fall out and therefore are not considered a defect.

What payment types do you accept?

I accept credit cards and PayPal.

Can I get non-holo prints or larger prints?

In this shop, I only offer small holo prints, but if you would like more print selection, you can order from my Redbubble shop here.

My card was declined, but I can still see a pending charge (or I was charged twice).

If your card was declined, the declined charge will still show on your account temporarily. It should go away within 24 hours. If not, contact your credit card issuer. If you attempted to use the card again, and the charge went through, then it will look like you've been charged twice. Again, the declined charge will go away within 24 hours.