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[PRE-ORDER] "Ginger Bun" Enamel Pin
[PRE-ORDER] "Ginger Bun" Enamel Pin
[PRE-ORDER] "Ginger Bun" Enamel Pin

[PRE-ORDER] "Ginger Bun" Enamel Pin

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A 1.5" hard enamel pin featuring a cute cookie critter! 

This is a pre-order item that will ship out within 2 weeks.

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Enamel pins are filled and buffed by hand, which leaves room for error in the manufacturing process. I've sorted my pins into three categories, with A grade having the fewest defects, and C grade having the most noticeable defects. Examples of defects are dust, scratches, discolored metal, misplaced glitter, missing enamel, etc. The back of the pin is not factored into the grading process. If you want the nicest pin possible, select A grade. If you don't mind more noticeable defects and want a cheaper price, select B or C grade.